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James May is a man on a mission this Christmas. He wants to encourage children out of their bedrooms and away from their Playstations and get them playing with their parents. To do this he takes some of Britain's traditional toys and puts generations of families at the heart of some ludicrously ambitious adventures and challenges. Inspired by James's exploits, the book covers both the stories behind a number of classic toys – bringing them to life through accounts of the most unusual, weird and exciting versions built anywhere to date – and the adventures in summer 2009 as James and his team of helpers, children and adults of all ages, build and recreate a range of toys in a series of 'Top Gear' style escapades. Each adventure includes details of how the projects were constructed, with diagrams, illustrations and informal photography taken during the filming. The book also offers 12 simple but fun projects linked to these toys to carry out in your own home, accompanied by step-by-step instructions, illustrations and diagrams. » More info

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Never one to turn down a challenge, James takes on some madcap toy adventures in a bid to get children out of their bedrooms and away from their playstations. In six toy-tastic episodes that feature extraordinary feats of engineering, James takes time out with some of Britain's best loved toys - putting generations of families at the heart of some ludicrously ambitions undertakings and reminding us all of the precious joys of creativity and quality family entertainment. Taking on the biggest toy challenges of all time, James attempts to build the world’s first full-size house made of Lego, the world's first Plasticine garden, the world’s biggest ever model plane, the world's greatest model train set, a world record beating Scalextric track, and a life-size bridge made out of Meccano; did you expect anything less from our renowned caravan stunt man? The DVD also includes outstanding deleted scenes and an exclusive interview with the charismatic James May, who reminds us all of the importance of family and imagination with this brilliant exploration of toys, putting batteries right back into the drawer.

Available 7th December courtesy of 4DVD

James May is on a mission to celebrate Britain's best loved toys, and celebrate them on a massive scale. As well as creating a Plasticine garden James will be building Lego houses, huge scale Airfix and many more.

Thank you to everyone who bought a ticket for the toy fair. We hope that you enjoyed it as much as us! Here are some photos from a truly memorable day...

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